For redheadedrookie as a thanks for those RenoxRod doujinshi scans >w< I have died because of them…….. aashdassajksdn SERIOUSLY MY FEELS! TuT 

Original meme (c) Bunnymuffin

I’m trying to make lineless artwork >w<

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I was tagged by the awesome sherlockandlokihavetheimpala for this one. Here are the rules:

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly and then send it to 10 of your favourite followers. Thinking good thoughts about yourself is hard but it will make you feel better…

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…these are so hard. I wonder why??? 1. I also have cute feet…they’re rather Flintstone-y, but my toes are precious! ;) 2. I can find the good in almost every situation. I can bring out the silver lining just about anywhere. 3. I love sending fan mail to my writing slores! I genuinely love everyone who writes “for” me! 4. I can sing. 17-year-old sarabeth72 wanted to be an opera singer. 5. I can be outrageous. Given the right circumstances, I will say (or post) anything that comes to mind. My filter gets weaker & weaker with each passing year. Tagging…
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I was tagged by the lovely sarabeth72.

Five nice things about me. Even though I’ve done this already a couple of times, it clearly needs to be done regularly, as it shouldn’t be this difficult. Hmmmhhh. What’s good today?

1. My brain. I got some really nice feedback about how my mind works, and that felt sooooo good.

2. After feeling so smart, my cleavage got some serious attention, and that felt good too. I have nice boobs, so sometimes you just have to allow yourself the pleasure of brightening some guy’s day.

3. I like me for owning so many books. Staring at my bookshelf is always a very calming experience. All those words and stories and I can pick them up any time to enjoy.

4. I’m in love with my new hair colour. And I love my hairdresser for being so good.

5. Thanks to the new colour, I really like my eyes. The blue stands out quite nicely.

Tagging ten of my most active followers from the past month. You’re awesome :) lokisbliss, sharonsas, iimouano, farremopallero, nienna-maria, ihatespoilers, mojobaby75, valter-skarsgard-fansite, @hapuku73, n1ghtmar3z4l1fe

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It take little time to think what 5 nice thing about me I wrote but weelll:

1. Im not afraid to defend others, if for example, someone is bullied at school (ง •̀_•́)ง

2. Im very good listener ouo well everyone say that and my friends always come talk to me when they have something on their minds and I like to help everyone ^-^

3. arrar Im good videogamer XD ?

4. Im always ready to learn new things ouo

5. I have very cute clothes >__> (My mom give them to me >.<)

tagging waahtis iimouano and Burnt-Raindrops
Im too shy to tag anyone else D,:

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So, 5 nice things about myself..  HMMM.

  1. I’m patient.
  2. I want make others happy
  3. I’m friendly (hopefully xD)
  4. Umm… I’m permissive
  5. Aaaand I think first before I say something

Chibi collabs with thefarrel

She told ideas and colored, I made sketches and lines ^^